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Skin Health - Complete Care Doctors


Skin health is of particular interest to many of the GPs at Complete Care Doctors.

The doctors can provide preventive care through skin checks, proactive measures to manage skin conditions or treatment through various means.

Complete Care Doctors contains the facility to undertake minor surgical procedures to take biopsies or have any concerning moles or lesions removed without delay.

With a wealth of experience held by the doctors and a personable team of support staff, we aim to make your consultation efficient and comfortable.



The Cancer Council estimates that each year skin cancers account for 80 per cent of all newly diagnosed cancers.

With one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world, it's no wonder that Australia's now has a 'National Skin Check Day' to encourage us to have our skin checked regularly.

Picking up potential skin cancer earlier starts with self-monitoring of spots and moles, which may involve asking a friend or family member to assist. Having your skin checked by your GP is also key to the identification and treatment of skin cancer. 

Catching the early signs of skin cancers will assist in the treatment and help reduce the chances of cancer spreading. These checks are especially crucial for detecting melanoma, a rarer but more aggressive type of skin cancer. 

The frequency of skin checks will depend on risk factors such as family history, your skin type and previous exposure to sun and sunburn.

When checking skin, an easy way to remember the most basic melanoma signs is with the letters A to E.

A = Asymmetry - Uneven sides

B = Border - Uneven or rough edges

C = Colour- Multiples colours or shades

D = Diameter or Dark - Bigger than 6mm diameter or darker than other spots or moles

E = Evolving - A change in shape, size, width or height, including itching, bleeding or crusting.


It's also important to keep track of any new spots and moles or anything that stands out. Those unique spots or moles may stand out by comparison to a surrounding group or one that is isolated from the rest.

Skin Cancer Check


Keeping chronic skin conditions in check will often mean a proactive approach is required.

Long term conditions such as these are not only painful but have the potential to affect our mental wellbeing through prolonged stress or low self-esteem.

Complete Care Doctors can tackle a variety of skin conditions that include:

Acne - bumps, lesions, pigmentation and scarring visible on the face, neck, chest, back and shoulders

Eczema - dry, itchy skin that often appears with a red rash on the arms and behind the knee

Psoriasis - red, scaly patches of skin, commonly on the knees, elbows, trunk and scalp

Rosacea - redness and visible blood vessels on the face, often mistaken for acne or eczema.

Your doctor will be happy to discuss the treatment of these and other skin health needs within a consultation.

Management Of Chronic Skin Conditions
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