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Children's Health - Complete Care Doctors


Complete Care Doctors offer a range of children's health services from government-related childhood immunisation schedules to more general child health checks.

Children's health needs are varied, and there can be frequent medical issues, especially as young children's immune systems are still developing.

The doctors can provide a central source of primary care and where necessary, organise referrals to specialists and allied health services.


Kids develop quickly, so it's sometimes hard to keep up with their health needs. Fortunately, the staff of Complete Care Doctors are well versed in children's needs at any age.

The doctors can assist with developmental checks and help address any concerns you may have. They can diagnose and help manage a variety of conditions common to children.

These could range from the common cold to croup, grommets to growing pains or breaks to belly aches. There is also a myriad of unexplained symptoms that our doctors can help diagnose.

When addressing any of these conditions, there is an emphasis on keeping kids calm and comfortable.

Childrens Health Checks


Funded through the National Immunisation Program, immunisation aims to protect your child from serious infectious diseases. It also assists in reducing the spread of illness through the community.

From birth until the age of four, there are several vaccinations.  Vaccinations offer the best protection if they occur on the due date as outlined in the immunisation schedule. Our staff can provide the dates for these immunisation schedules and can answer queries regarding specific vaccines.

Please note that there are particular immunisation requirements needed, for your child to attend childcare, kindergarten and school.


Although children can be regularly sick, it's wise to trust your instincts and seek medical assistance if you have any concerns.

A proactive approach not only puts everyone at ease, but it can provide the potential to address conditions at an early stage to help reduce the chances of complications developing.

Appointments are available with Complete Care Doctors through the bookings page or with our friendly reception staff on 07 3188 9005.

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